What is Balloon Sinuplasty Article Image

For many years, people that suffered from the lasting effects of chronic sinusitis had two options for treatment: medication or surgery. While decongestants reduce swelling and nasal steroids help inflammation, these were temporary solutions that became a cycle. Taking antibiotics over and over again is unhealthy for the body, and results in them becoming less effective.

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) improves sinus function by removing tissue or bone to widen the sinus drainage pathways. While patients see lasting results from this surgery, it is invasive, has more risks and requires a longer recovery time.

There is now a new option available to help with chronic sinusitis. Balloon Sinuplasty is an innovative procedure that uses the same concept as angioplasty uses to widen the heart artery. A small balloon is placed in the sinus opening and gently inflated. This expands the opening and reshapes the pathway to promote proper drainage. The balloon is then deflated and removed leaving the patient with lasting results, without the need for tissue or bone removal.

This procedure has a much shorter wait time for surgery than traditional sinus surgery, and a quicker recovery time, making it an ideal option for those that have exhausted other options. The results are effective and immediate. If you’re interested in pursuing this option, book a consultation with Dr. Rotenberg today.