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First of all, if you are considering Balloon Sinusplasty, I would 100% recommend it. My hope is by sharing my entire experience, it will put your mind at ease. I have been in need on Rhinoplasty for at least 10 years with a severe deviated septum. The symptoms on my right side would get so severe, I would actually have panic attacks from the feeling that I could not breath. I knew that I could not forgo a standard deviated septum surgery as I had it done once before in 1984. I reached out to Dr. Rotenberg after hearing about Balloon Sinusplasty. Right from our first encounter (which due to covid was via phone), I felt confident that is procedure was right for me. Dr. Rotenberg answered every question and then more afterwards via email. Dr. Rotenberg's staff at St. Joe's were wonderful. Desiree (Dr. Rotenberg's administrator) was always a step ahead.
When I finally did have a 1 on 1 with the doctor at St. Joe's, I was very impressed with all the staff. Never once feeling I was putting anyone out. I had a list of questions on a sheet of paper so Dr. Rotenberg sat down and answered everything. Coming from Windsor meant much had to be completed via phone. My preop with Gracie-Ellen just confirmed to me that I had made the correct decision. Again, you could tell she cared about her patients and making sure they were comfortable and informed.
The procedure took place first thing November 20th. I was greeted with a big smile by Kim who made me feel comfortable right away. Next, I was greeted by my nurse Brigitte who took care of me physically and emotional through the entire process. She is truly a kind, gifted person who loves what she does and you can tell she does. AMG is lucky to have her. I then met my Anesthesiologist, Dr. Eddy who took me through the process step by step. In the OR, I was impressed at the steps taken prior to the surgery. "The surgical pause" to ensure every person in the room was on the same page and they all agreed the surgery was a go. The next thing I new, I was coming out of the anesthesia with who else but Brigitte there holding my hand. Never once did I feel discomfort or pain or any feelings of anxiety.
As far as post op pain, there has been very little. I took pain meds on the Friday but opted for just Tylenol and Advil on Friday night. I know the true results won't be know for a couple of weeks but I do not regret for one minute having this procedure done and am sure I will be delighted with the final result. To all the staff, especially the ones I did not mention by name, thank you. To Dr. Rotenberg, your technical abilities, as well as your bedside manner are second to none. To my friend Brigitte, thank you. You are truly a gift. I am glad you appreciated my sense of humour. I hope you use my tomato joke for many patients to come. Warmest regards Ron Leslie

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