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Everyone can appreciate the discomfort and frustration of blocked sinuses. In most cases, this is acute sinusitis and will be resolved within a week or two, sometimes with the use of antibiotics or nasal rinses. When these symptoms persist for 12 weeks or longer or recur four or more times in a 12-month period, it becomes a chronic issue and is less likely to be fixed with only medical therapy.

People that suffer from chronic sinusitis deal with frequent headaches, difficulty breathing, and post-nasal drip which leads to coughing. These symptoms often result in missed social engagements in addition to time off work. People miss an average of 5-7 days of work per year due to their chronic sinus problems. In addition, they typically spend about $2000 on over-the-counter medication and treatments to help alleviate their symptoms.

Sinus issues can really take a toll on the individual. In fact, studies indicate chronic sinusitis equates to lower scores for quality of life, bodily pain and social functioning than patients with more serious health issues like congestive heart failure or angina. Fatigue is often associated with chronic sinusitis as sleep is disrupted by coughing and difficulty breathing. These somewhat minor symptoms can add up to a huge impact on quality of life.

Balloon sinuplasty can radically improve the life of someone that deals with chronic sinus issues. The minimally invasive procedure effectively opens the sinuses and reshapes the anatomy to allow for proper drainage. Most patients return to work within one or two days.

When counting the cost of Balloon Sinuplasty, ensure you consider all of the factors. To start your journey towards a healthier sinus future, book a consultation with Dr. Rotenberg today.